Monday, October 24, 2011

My Favourite Book?

At a Creative Writing group recently, I was asked what was my favourite book. As a bit of a bookophile, this had me a little stumped. It's like asking someone's favourite colour....of course, I have preferences, but it's variable what I'll prefer from day to day, season to season....anyway, I digress....I answered, 'Sophie's World'.
Jostein Gaarder's philosophical little gem may seem an unusual choice. Would I not prefer a love story, perhaps? Well, I'd say it is a love story of sorts- the love of learning is a thread which weaves itself adeptly through this novel-cum-History-of-Western-Philosophy. As Gaarder quotes, 'Wisest is she who knows she does not know.'
These words are simple, but profound, and remind us of something children do without hesitation: they question, they wonder. Gaarder reminds us of how we should never lose our capacity to wonder- this reminder earnt the book a place in my mind and my heart. It not only made me think, but it made me think about thinking itself. Sometimes it's not the books that answer all life's questions, it's the ones that ask them in the first place.
It may have been written with a young audience in mind, but pick up a copy'll be as eager to read Sophie's letters as she is.

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